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@mainlyabbylee cash me outside, how bout dat?💜🌸

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••• okay guys I have something rlly sad to say, I will be going offline when I log off today for a couple of weeks. I'll be back March 13th bc I'll be on spring break. But I'll be going off bc I've been out of school for a week bc I've had the flu and I'll have a lot of makeup work. Also, I'm in honors classes and I have to get ready for my schools testing. I also have to turn my stuff in for my classes next year and I'll have cheer tryouts. So I'll be back on March 13th, please don't unfollow x - #dancemoms #aldcla
11:35 PM Feb 24, 2017
-🌸- {February 12th 2017} hi guys!! I'm trying out this new filter❤ opinions?? ------- #dancemoms1 #aldcla #aldc #dancemoms
11:40 PM Feb 12, 2017
-🍭- {February 12th} one year challenge!! yo my name is Vanessa!! I'm new to the dm fandom❤ ----- #dancemoms #aldc #aldcla #dancemoms1
10:58 PM Feb 12, 2017