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READ BELOW: Okay I have had an amazing journey on this acc. I have reached 1k, been noticed by Kalani, made many friends, and done too many lit rps to count. I have been avoiding this for months which is ironic since I've only had this acc for months😂 anyways I thought that becoming a multifandom would make this acc better and easier but still I got hated on more. I've lost like 10 of my friends because of rumors and honestly this acc is like a job for me. Also I've been hacked twice on this acc which is not okay. I've been called a "scammer" Which is not okay. And my sister is coming home soon so I'm going to have to help to take care of her. So I made a new acc about three weeks ago and I already have almost 900 followers and have been noticed a lot more by the girls. So at the end of July I have decided I'm going to most likely leave this acc for good. I'll try to check in once a week but I won't be posting and stuff like I normally do. If you wanna know my new acc pls comment and I'll dm you the user. I may even give this acc away. But thank you to everyone who has made this account so amazing, who made me laugh and smile and my rp squad. xoxo vanessa #dancemoms #riverdale (P.S I also made a new fanfic acc because @kalanislibrary was hacked)
11:36 PM Jun 26, 2017
-🍭- {February 12th} one year challenge!! yo my name is Vanessa!! I'm new to the dm fandom❤ ----- #dancemoms #aldc #aldcla #dancemoms1
10:58 PM Feb 12, 2017